VOTE for Jason David’s Dare to be Dreamers BEST Video of the Year

The San Diego Music Awards have nominated Jason David’s band Dare To Be Dreamers for Best Video! The music video is “Still Young” and features Ryan, a young man with Down Syndrome, sending prayers to God. He will be in town the night of the Awards and if this video wins Jason will have Ryan accept the award! :)
Here’s how voting works:
Email Jason ( with your name and any email address’s and his team will submit a vote on your behalf every day leading up to September 18th. You will not be emailed or spammed! The San Diego Music Awards counts each email as a vote, and with 32 days to go, each email is worth 32 votes!
If you aren’t comfortable with sending your email, you can also personally vote here:¬†
Dare To Be Dreamers