Amazing Faith 3 Rivers

Praise God for a wonderful Resurrection Weekend. God is clearly moving in our region.

As we head into the Pentecost season I want to encourage all Christians to press in closer to the Father. Listen to His voice. Walk in stride with the Holy Spirit. Speak in the power that we have in Christ Jesus. People need to see and hear what God is doing in our lives. So that they may come to know Jesus or return to His plan for their life.

3 Rivers Bible Study meets Wednesdays at 6pm at the 3 River Art Center 41763 North Fork Dr. Just past the Kaweah River bridge on the left.

Amazing Faith Community Gatherings meet on scheduled Saturdays at 5pm                    at 43226 Sierra Dr. for Bible study, prayer and worship.

Up Coming Gatherings  April 27

NO Gatherings on May 4 & 11

Gatherings on May 18 & 25

Love God, Love others

Serve God, Serve others

Pray Continually

Pastor Joe