Summer 2022

Amazing Faith Community Gatherings are interactive with God, The Scriptures and one another. Our hope is that as we read and discuss the Word of God together that we will all grow in our knowledge of God and His Word.

As we pray for one another that we will see the power of God in His divine answers in His perfect time.

Amazing Faith San Diego meets under the weekly in person pastoral leadership of Pastor Brian. Pastor’s Jon & Melissa and Pastor Joe Zoom in as well.

San Diego Faith Community is currently discussing Bible Project Video on the connected overall view, themes and purpose / plan of the Bible.

Meeting on Saturday’s in person and via Zoom at 5pm.

(Please contact us for meeting address and Zoom invite information)

Amazing Faith Three Rivers meets under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Joe.

Three Rivers Faith Community is currently studying The Gospel of John.

Meeting on Saturday’s in person at 5pm.

(Please contact us for meeting address and Zoom invite information)

We also ask the Holy Spirit to help us grow in the Fruits of the Spirit throughout the year with a monthly focus.

Feb – Love

Mar – Joy

Apr – Peace

May – Patience

June – Kindness

July – Goodness

Aug – Faithfulness

Sept – Gentleness

Oct – Self Control

Please contact Pastor Joe for more information about our Gatherings at 858-722-1444

Amazing Faith’s Focus for this year is 2022 The Word is good for you.

Love God and others

Serve God and others

Pray continually